Sunday, December 10, 2017

This Week @ St. John

  • TUE DEC 12- 8:45Am Pastor at Circuit Pastors' Conference in Ida Grove
  • WED DEC 13- 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 5:15 Sunday School Christmas Program Rehearsal
    • 6:45PM Carol Singing
    • 7:00PM Midweek Advent Worship
  • SAT DEC 16- 9:00AM-11:00AM All Grades Sunday School Christmas Program Rehearsal
    • 6:00PM Worship  at Immanuel
  • SUN DEC 17- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Classes
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communuion
    • 6:30PM Children's Christmas Program

Sunday, December 03, 2017


This year Advent began Sunday, December 3. We will  once again be having midweek services at St. John on Wednesday nights and the Triple Parish will be joining us. Services will be at 7:00PM and we will also have carol singing before each service at 6:45PM. The theme this year is "Behold the Light!" Advent candles, the lights on our trees, the lights that decorate the church during Advent and Christmas seasons, all point us to Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, the Light which no one can overcome.

  • WED DEC 6 "Put on the light!" Romans 13:11-14
  • WED DEC 13 "Many lights are brighter -together!" Romans 15:4-7
  • SUN DEC 17, 6:30PM Sunday School Children's Christmas Program
  • WED DEC 20 "A light with a special purpose." Romans 1:1-7
  • SUN DEC 24 Christmas Eve, "The brightest light." Isaiah 9:2-7
     6:00PM at St.John, 10:00Pm at St. Luke
  • MON DEC 25 Christmas Day, "Life in the Light." John 1:4-5
    9:00AM at St.John, 10:30AM at St.Paul

Sunday School Christmas Program Practices

  • WED DEC 6, 5:15PM (after Confirmation) Grades 3-8
  • WED DEC 13, 5:15PM Grades 3-8
  • SAT DEC 17, 8:45AM Final Run-Thru during Sunday School
  • Children's Christmas Service 6:30PM

This Week @ St. John

  • TUES DEC 5- 6:30AM Mens' Bible Study
    • 5:00PM LWML Christmas Party
  • WED DEC 6- 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 5:15PM Sunday School Program Prctice
    • 6:45PM Carol Singing
    • 7:00PM Midweek Advent Worship
  • SAT DEC 9-  6:00PM Worship at St. Luke, Ricketts
    • 7:30PM LYF Christmas Party (Location TBD)
  • SUN DEC 10- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Study
    • 10:00AM Worship
    • 11:00AM Finance Board Meeting
    • 3:00PM Caroling in Denison with Triple Parish
  • NEW ADULT INSTRUCTION CLASS beginning the first of the year. Please let Pastor know of you're interested or know someone who might be.
  • POINSETTIA TIME- If you'd like to help decorate for Christmas, you may purchase a poinsettia. Sign up in the walkway. Be sure to put who it is from, who it is in memory of, check if you paid for it, and let us know if you want to keep it after Christmas. The cost is $10. There is an envelope by the sign-up sheet for payments.
  • PRAYER CHAINS- If you would like to be on the Prayer Chain, please let the office know. We have two prayer chains- one email and one phone.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

This Week @ St.John

Happy New Church Year!

  •  MON-SAT NOV 27-DEC 3- 6:25AM Pastor Merrill hosts 'Thy Strong Word' on KDSN 107.1FM/1530AM, FYI-We need funding to help pay KDSN for this program. If you would like to make a donation toward 'Thy Strong Word,' please let either the office or KDSN know. Thank You.
  • MON NOV 27- 6:00PM Board of Christian Education setting up the Christmas Tree
  • WED NOV 29- 3:30PM Conformation
  • SAT DEC 2- 6:00PM Worship at St. Paul (Triple Parish)
  • SUN DEC 3- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Classes
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communion (LWML Mite Box Sunday)
    • 11:00AM LWML Cookie Bazaar
    • 1:00PM Pastor preaching at Denison Care Center
    • 2:00PM Pastor preaching at Eventide
    • 2:45PM Pastor preaching at Silveridge
  • SUN DEC 10- 3:00PM Christmas Caroling with Triple Parish members

    Sunday, December 3

    Come fill your box with lots of goodies!
    Just $6 per pound.

    Cookie & Candy Donations Welcomed
    Please bring your treats you're contributing to church by Noon On Saturday, Dec. 2

    ADVENT WORSHIP; 'Behold the Light!'
  • Wednesdays December 6, 13, & 20 at 7:00PM
  • Pre-Worship Carolling at 6:45PM

Sunday, November 19, 2017

This Week @ St. John

  • WED 11/22- No Confirmation
    • 5:30pm Thanksgiving Eve Service, St. Luke Triple Parish
    • 7:00pm Thanksgiving Eve Service, St. John
  • THRS 11/23- Office Closed; Happy Thanksgiving
  • FRI 11/24- Pastor gone
  • SAT 11/25- 6:00pm Worship with Comunuion at Immanuel, Triple Parish
  • SUN 11/26- 8:45am Sunday School & Bible Study
    • 10:00am Worship
    • 4:00pm Circuit Forum at St. Matthew, Mapleton

Saturday, November 11, 2017

This Week @ St.John

  • MON 11/13- Pastor at Camp Okoboji for Cub Week meetitng
  • TUES 11/14- 8:45AM Pastor at Pastors' Conference, Kiron
    • 4:00PM LWML Meeting
  • WED 11/15- 3:30PM Confirmation
    • 7:00PM Elders' Meeting
  • FRI-SUN 11/17-19- Tri-District Youth Gathering in Omaha
  • SAT 11/18- 6:00PM Worship at Immanuel
  • SUN 11/19- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Class
    • 10:00AM Worship with Communion
  • TUES 11/21- 7:00PM Multi-Parish Meeting discussing the future of the Triple Parish and area congregations will be held at St. John. President Turner of Iowa District-West will join us.
  • WED 11/22- 5:30PM Thanksgiving Eve worship at St.Luke, Triple Parish and 7:00PM at St.John

Sunday, November 05, 2017

This Week @ St.John

  • TUES 11/7- 6:30AM Men's Bible Study
  • WED 11/8- 3:30PM Confirmation
  • SAT 11/11- 9:00AM LYF Set-up for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • SUN 11/12- 8:45AM Sunday School & Bible Study
    • 10:00AM Worship
    • 11:00AM Finance Board Mtg.
    • 11:00AM Annual LYF Thanksgiving Dinner